Details of Reward points and Redemption

M88 Sports  have made the gambling experience more exiting and interesting by truly implementing the schemes frequently. There are two benefits immediately, one is free bets and another is product. Once you submit the free bets redemption, instantly the amount will be credited into the account as well. This is a big encouragement to the members and they can continue to contribute without wasting any time. The caution here is that if you have selected to play in one currency at the time of registering m88, you are not allowed to transfer the redeem points to the currency and this is prohibited. If any such violation is found, then that is viewed seriously which will result cancellation.

Delivery of products and charges

For products redemption, m88 not only gives products redemption, but also gives redemption in sports, fashion and many more. Once product is delivered, it cannot be returned normally. However, in a rare case m88 allows returns, if there is any concern that the original not working properly. In this particular case, the customer service will take the call and ask the customer to provide all details to deal with. The customer service, will accept this within 5 days of the receipt of product only.

As regards charges for delivery of products, m88 decided not to burden the customers by charging. They supply the product at free of delivery cost and any insurance; they will bear the cost and taking the customers. All deliveries will be made in 10 to 12 working days to ensure satisfaction for the customers. One more relevant point is that as far the rules of m88 are concerned, the redeem points cannot be transferred to another member. These points have to be utilized by the member only from their account. By log in m88, members can view all these details.