Playing King’s Cup with Your Friends

If you would like to get all your friends drunk and fast, then playing king’s cup is the best way to do it. For generations, king’s cup has been a staple game at parties and events. This game will help you and your friends learn about each other’s wild side. Even if you are meeting a new group of people, then this is the perfect game to play.

Make the first move

Put a can of beer or cola on top of a table and make sure you place it at the centre. The major aim of the game should be to have fun and nothing else. Begin by following the kings cup rules. Then, spread the cards around the beer can or the cup that is at the centre of the table. The players select the person who goes first to pick a card. The rest of the players can pick up cards in a random manner. Each player has to comply with the rules – it does not matter what their situation is.

What is on the cards?

If you get an ace, which is also known as the waterfall, all the players would need to start drinking the liquid in their respective cans or cups. The person, who is standing next to you, should also start drinking. Then, the next person should drink and this will go on for some time or until the very last person has finished drinking his or her beer. Since everybody is made to drink up, the card is known as the killer.

What else is on the cards?

When you select the card with the number 2 on it, you should select someone to drink the beer on your behalf. The card with the number 3 on it indicates that you yourself should drink the beer in your can or cup. If you get the card with the number 4 on it, then everyone present at your party will be required to drink up. If you get the card with the number 5 on it, then everybody should touch the floor. The person, who is the last to touch the floor, should drink the beer. If you want, you can always choose to touch any object other than the floor too. If you get the card with the number 6 on it, then you should make all the men in your party drink their beers. The card with the number 7 on it stands for heaven and the last person to point towards the sky will get to drink his or her beer.

Customise your game

If you want, you can always customise the game. You could make your own rules or appoint somebody to create their own rules for the game. In case you have always played king’s cup for every one of your parties, then consider playing the ring of fire using the ring of fire rules this year. This will bring everyone the welcome change they have always been wanting from playing one game.

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